Scared the heck out of my cat today…highlight of today haha

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50 Days of Doctor Who 50th Challenge: October 17 - Your favorite one-time companion?

The Lady Christina De Souza (Planet of the Dead)

After the emotional ride that was Journey’s End, I was a little hesitant to like any companion the Doctor would meet. Fortunately, Christina was an equal to the Doctor in her own unique way.

Christina is pretty much the full package: titled, wealthy, intelligent, beautiful, and adventurous. Half the time, the Doctor didn’t know what hit him. I loved her independent spirit, her confidence, and how she adapted easily to the alien crisis as if she’d been doing it for ages. Sure, she robbed museums for kicks, but running with the Doctor brought out the compassionate side of her. And when he wouldn’t take her in the TARDIS, she grabbed that anti-grav-equipped bus and sailed off into the horizon. That's a real lady.

5 Seconds of Summer Open Up About Their Naked Instagram Pic

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Oh, I see what this is about.

No, Dean, it’s not!

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